All qualitative responses are taken from the most recent survey submitted by the firm. For more information about survey data and methodology, click here.

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Qualitative Responses

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Firm Diversity Narrative
Law firm’s description of diversity programs and achievements
Strategic Plan and Diversity Leadership
Individual(s) with primary responsibility for leading the firm’s diversity initiatives
How does the firm's leadership communicate the importance of diversity to everyone at the firm?
Does the firm currently have a diversity committee? If so, does the committee’s representation include one or more members of the firm’s management/executive committee (or the equivalent)? Number of attorneys on the committee Total number of hours collectively spent by the committee in furtherance of the firm's diversity initiatives in the most recent calendar year?
Does the committee and/or diversity leader establish and set goals or objectives consistent with management’s priorities? Has the firm undertaken a formal or informal diversity program or set of initiatives aimed at increasing the diversity of the firm? How often does the firm’s management review the firm’s diversity progress/results? How is the firm’s diversity committee and/or firm management held accountable for achieving results?
Priorities aimed at improving the representation of diverse lawyers
Pipeline Initiatives
Activities through which the firm encourages minority students to consider law as a career and/or assists them in pursuing such opportunities Discuss any additional efforts to reach out to diverse undergraduates, high school, middle school or grade school students.
Recruitment: New Associates
Law schools and job fairs at which the firm annually recruits
Efforts specifically directed to encourage minority law students to consider the firm
Programs specifically targeted at first-year law students
Recruitment: Lateral Associates and Partners
Activities the firm undertakes to attract diverse attorneys
Does the firm use executive recruiting/search firms to seek to identify new diversity hires (partners or associates)? Are any of these executive recruiting/search firms women- and/or minority-owned? If so, list all women- and/or minority-owned executive search/recruiting firms to which the firm paid a fee for placement services in the past 12 months.
Retention and Professional Development
Specific steps the firm is taking to reduce the attrition rate of diverse attorneys.
Does the firm have part-time/flex-time policies that permit attorneys to work alternative schedules? What impact, if any, will the decision to work part time have on an attorney’s ability to make partner, or if already a partner, to remain a partner? How many current equity partners have worked part time, exclusive of maternity/paternity leave or short-term disability?
Management Demographic Profile
Diverse attorneys who head offices How many offices does the firm have in the United States?
Diverse attorneys who head practice groups
Diverse attorneys who head committees
Is your firm minority-owned or women-owned?

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